300-Sori History

32 years ago, in 1985, on the day that the GBT (Global Bible Translators) began, one frame was placed in a small room on the second floor of ACTS in Seodaemun. It was written as a big calligraphy that would not fit in a small office, "Please pray for the 300 tribes commision by GBT."

Please pray for the 300 tribes commision by GBT

On the day of the opening of the missionary agency, the founders of the GBT Bible translation missionary expressed their willingness to serve the Lord with the determination and responsibility that the Korean church would be responsible for 300 tribes, representing one tenth of the language of the 3,000 non- And the missionary society has begun.

When the Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1999 declared the vision of "Letting the Bible translate into all remaining languages ​​until 2025" and urged all mission agencies around the world to join, GBT again called " The church is responsible for the 300 species. " In the past 32 years, GBT has been working together with the Korean Church on the way to translating the Bible into 300 kinds.

First, GBT will make a list of 300, and will communicate stories and information about each race to their co-workers.

Second, we will strengthen cooperation and support for 300 tribes.

Third, I will pray for 300 people.

Fourth, we will carry out a ministry to care for one tribe in one church through 300 tribal movements.

Fifth, GBT will open a way to participate in 300 Bible translation ministries in various roles depending on gifts and capabilities.